AX-800 Anesthesia Machine

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Get back to the basics, give you more precise ventilation.

That's a real anesthesia ventilator!
Machine-controlled ventilation, adjustable ventilation, synchronous ventilation, and support ventilation are all available, even beyond the functions of most ventilators.
Form an important part of anesthesia quality control
Soda lime depletion pre-warning, anesthetic consumption management, parameter setting review mechanism, forgotten operation reminder. Every detail promotes more standardized anesthesia operations.
Extensive anesthesia support functions
that greatly expand the applicability of
the anesthesia machine
Optional module:
support upgrading to EtCO2, O2,
AG, BIS and other anesthesia monitoring
Auxiliary Common Gas Outlet (ACGO):
support pediatric semi-open ventilation
Auxiliary oxygen supply:
support preoperative oxygen inhalation
Negative pressure suction system supports
airway suction and other operations
Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System (AGSS):
better protect health care workers from exhaust gases