NV6 Neonatal Ventilator

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Simple and reliable bubble CPAP, Safer HFNC, Heating and humidification conformed to clinical guidelines and High precision air-oxygen blender

Simple and reliable bubble CPAP
NV6 integrates the medical air-oxygen blender/humidifier/pressure generating device to provide bubble NCPAP ventilation therapy for clinical use. PEEP output is 0-10cmH2O, which can improve children's respiratory function, reduce carbon dioxide retention, promote sputum elimination, and accelerate recovery.
Safer HFNC
NV6 also has HFNC high flow oxygen therapy function, which is easier to operate and reduces the risk of nasal injury in children.
NV6 is equipped with the overpressure valve to prevent the safety risk of excessive pipeline pressure.
Heating and humidification conformed to clinical guidelines
NV6 is equipped with the high-end servo controlled humidifier, which can provide the best airway heating and humidification effect of 37℃ and 44mg/L to enhance patient comfort and treatment tolerance.
High precision air-oxygen blender
KL-20 uses the high-precision proportioning valve, and the oxygen concentration accuracy is controlled within ±3%.Built-in precision filtration device to output clean gas mixture
Pressure imbalance alarm: Apply the dual-level balancing principle, if the pressure difference between oxygen and air is too large, the alarm will be triggered.