NV9 Neonatal Ventilator

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Reduce intubation rates, we’ve been making our efforts, All-in-one non-invasive ventilation solution.

NV9 is the first non-invasive ventilator in China that can provide NIPPV and SNIPPV for newborns. Clinical studies have proven that NIPPV/SNIPPV mode can effectively reduce intubation rate and increase the success rate of invasive ventilation withdrawal. The comprehensive and leading non-invasive ventilation mode provides more choices for clinical care.

Every detail is designed to
serve the health care providers
  • LED touch screen:
    Clear and bright 8-inch LED screen, touch operation, clearly visible from any angle and distance, 15° tilt screen, larger viewing angle, ergonomic, intuitive settings to reduce human error, and allows doctors to focus on newborns.
  • Online oxygen concentration calibration:
    NV9 is designed with a calibration-specific circuit that intelligently calibrates the oxygen cell even when the NV8 is performing regular ventilation for infants, and the device operates automatically without interrupting ventilation.
  • SpO2 Monitoring function :
    The NV9 is equipped with Masimo/Nellcor SpO2 to help healthcare professionals determine the effectiveness of non-invasive ventilation therapy by monitoring changes in blood oxygen.


Industry-leading performance indicators

respiratory pressure is an important indicator of noninvasive ventilation in newborns, and the NV9 provides industry-leading inspiratory pressure. The PIP (Peak Inspiratory Pressure) is up to 20cmH2O, allowing NV9 to ensure curative effects and expand the scope of non-invasive ventilation treatment.

Abdominal respiratory sensors. With 10 levels of sensitivity settings, the accuracy of breathing synchronization in SNIPPV mode can reach more than 90%.