H12 12-channel ECG machine

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Compact yet powerful

The development of internet continues to revolutionize various industries, including those of computers, mobile phones, watches, glasses, and even medical equipment. Keeping pace with the trend of miniaturization, Comen develops the H12 high-end 12-channel ECG machine.

We believe a smaller and more sophisticated ECG machine should be a perfect combination of design and function.

External Design
The 10.4-inch full touch screen with vertical screen design takes place of the conventional complex keyboard design. Full touch screen design makes operation simpler and cleaning and disinfection more convenient.
More powerful data storage
  • Supports 10-minute holographic review of 12-lead ECG waveform for easy capture of abnormal ECG waveforms
  • The main unit can store 10,000 cases; cases can be saved as DAT (binary), BMP, JPG, PDF, DICOM, FDA- XML, SCP and other formats.
  • Case search function, support name and ID number fuzzy search